W.E.B. DuBois

There exists today a chance for (Blacks) to organize a Cooperative State

within their Own Group.

By letting Negro farmers feed Negro artisans, and Negro technicians guide (Black) home industries and (Black) thinkers plan this integration of cooperation, ...

Economic Independence can be achieved.

To doubt that this is possible is to doubt the essential humanity and the quality of brains of (Black People).

DuBois said this in 1935 and it is all the more true today!


Opportunity for Prosperity

Powerful Black Buying Power

  • In 2016 African americans spent $1.2 Trillion.

  • This spending is equivalent of the 15th largest global economy, comparable to that of Mexico.

  • Sadly, out of every dollar an African American spends only 2 cents is spent with an African American Business.

  • The longer a dollar circulates in the community, the more prosperous the community. A dollar Circulates:

    • 17 days in the white community,

    • 20 days in the Jewish community,

    • 30 days in the Asian community, and

    • 6 hours in the Black community.

A great example of what is possible when African Americans support each other is the Sweet Auburn neighborhood in Atlanta, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born and raised. In the early 1900's the community was impoverished because virtually all of the residents spending was outside the community. Leaders encouraged Sweet Auburn residents to start a number of new businesses and neighbors brought their spending home and supported them. During the Great Depression of the 1930;s, Sweet Auburn was acknowledged as one of the most prosperous communities in the Country.

SCA is committed to help Black entrepreneurs start their own businesses.