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SCA subcontracts with Piedmont Health and Sickle Cell Agency to advance NC's COVID efforts

October 13, 2020

Troy, NC – SCA is excited to announce it has contracted with Piedmont Health and Sickle Cell Agency, Greensboro, NC in order to advance North Carolina's efforts to provide financial relief to those exposed to COVID-19. SCA will accept applications for financial relief, provide healthy food boxes, and COVID supplies to COVID victims and their households in Montgomery, Randolph, Stanly, Lee, and Chatham counties. The organization plans to increase staff to complete the work and will partner with Sandhills Ag Center, Ellerbe, NC to purchase the healthy food boxes. SCA plans to partner with community centers to accept applications from individuals who have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19 for relief. Piedmont Health is responsible for issuing financial relief while SCA's staff will provide healthy food boxes and COVID-19 supplies to include masks, cleaning supplies, and other items. The project is set to end December, 2020.

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