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Chain Breakers

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Chain Breakers food Co-op, sponsored by Sandhills Cooperation Association has been in operation since the taste test launch on June 27, 2021. The program started out with 14 families joining and grew to 18 families that have joined the co-op. The mission of Chain Breakers is to break the chains that bind communities to unhealthy mindsets concerning food which lead to unhealthy food consumption. The goal is to bring awareness to the importance of eating healthy. Participants' favorite foods are made nutritious and delicious using alternative ingredients without forfeiting the taste. The program also introduces foods that may not have been eaten before that are made from natural organic ingredients. The program takes the guess work out of eating healthy. Specialty chefs shop, read the labels, and cook the food for participants. With only a once-a-month commitment to attend a monthly meeting, participants receive 5 meals a week at a discounted price. Chain Breakers serves Moore, Scotland, Montgomery, Raeford, and Richmond counties.


There was a significant number of participants enrolled in Chain Breakers that had never been exposed to alternative healthy cooking on this level. Some expressed if it wasn’t for Chain Breakers, they would have not known that healthy eating could taste this good. It was a convenience to them because the stress of having to figure out what to eat and how to prepare it was non-existent. One participant shared how her blood pressure was lowered since she started the Co-Op. Another person expressed the co-op has made living healthy more desirable and loves learning how to use these ideas on her own.

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