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Core Team Members

Committed to the Cause


Cindy Taylor
Peabody Community, Troy

Founder, Body of Christ United Action Ministry

True Imaging Mentor and Life Coach
Seasoned Community Developer

Yolonda Moore
Jackson Hamlet, NC

Founder, Quantum Leap Academy

Produce Gardens as Classrooms
Scientific and Spiritual Learning
Seasoned Youth Councilor

Fenton Wilkinson
Southern Pines, NC

Founder, Integrity Systems

Proactive Co-op Developer
Social Justice Organizer/Activist
Moore County NAACP Executive Committee Member

Kim Wade
Southern Pines, NC

Founder, InnerVisions Media Productions

President West Southern Pines Civic Club
Professor, Sandhills Community College
Seasoned Community Organizer

Cheryl Blue
Aberdeen, NC

President, Blue Angel Outreach, Inc.

Roseland Urban Farm Leader
Child Care and Wellness
Living on Purpose  Mentorship
Food Pantry and Weekly Free Meals

Fati Brown
Hamlet, NC

Founder, To Plant a Seed - Active Youth Mentoring

Former USMC
Social Justice & Veteran's Rights Activist
Community Organizer
Farmer / Beekeeper

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