Youth Entrepreneurs

SCA Encourages and Supports Youthful Entrepreneurs

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West Side T.E.N.

Teen Entrepreneurs Network

SCA pariticipated in the West Southern Pines Civic Club's annual Teen Entrepreneurs Network summer program. Businesses and individuals agree to hire and pay a teen to do a job for the summer. The process is structured like a "real world" employment situation. SCA hired Nikerra McIntosh to create a new website and Facebook presence. Awesome job, yes?

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Mineral Rocks T-Shirt Company
Ellerbe, NC

Mineral Springs Youth Business

One goal of the Mineral Springs Improvement Council's summer program for youth 11 to 15 years old was gaining entrepreneurial skills. The youth decided they wanted to learn by creating a business, which turned out to be Mineral Rocks. The company has had good sales and is profitable.