Community  Projects

Moore County

SCA currently has two Core Team members active in Moore County. 


Kim Wade in West Southern Pines has a satellite office for SCA within Innervision African American Museum and Art organization.


Yolonda Moore in Jackson Hamlet has been able to establish a Community/Market Garden in the Roseland Community in Aberdeen and open a satellite office in Jackson Hamlet to her community move forward in beautification and revitalization of the properties.


Former Core Team member Cheryl Blue completed two rounds on a Food Cooperative in Aberdeen, working with families to better their health through healthy eating as well as learning how and why we as a people should be intentional about the foods we consume.

Yolonda Moore2.HEIC


SCA's Core Team member Rolonda Austin has completed two Cooking with Soul sessions, teaching youth to learn the survival, basic, intermediate, and advanced healthy cooking as well as kitchen and social etiquette.

Sliced Onion


SCA's Core Team member Rosalind McNeil conducted two financial literacy programs that assisted young and older adults with the opportunity to learn more about how to navigate their finances.

Rosalind- SmartFunds1.png

Montgomery County

SCA's Core Team member Janie Vinson is in the process of starting a Community Table in the county. This initiative is designed to give the churches, as well as community laborers an opportunity to serve in the capacity of feeding the needy in Montgomery County. She is also working with the board of the Weavertown Community Center to assist in renovations and programming.

Soup Kitchen


SCA's Core Team member Fati Brown is currently building a prototype mushroom grow-room that will be able to not only help the physical health of the communities that will engage in the work, but will also give individuals, families, and communities a way to become financially independent of systemic helplessness.

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