Community Engagement

Necessary Start

One may be offering the grandest opportunities, but if no one comes what good is it?

SCA is committed to engaging the community, because many people are needed to come up with effective solutions.

As Lao Tzu said in 675BC

Go to the People

Live with them

Learn from them

Love them.

Start with what they know.

Build with what they have.

And when it is all said and done

The People will say "We did it Ourselves."


Informative Community Gatherings

Montgomery County Inaugural Dinner

African American Community leaders gathered, fellowshipped, ate and listened to the positive history of the Peabody Community's origins in self-reliance with what's at hand; as well as Atrayus Goode's observations about the need and opportunity for Black self-liberation.

Food, Movie & Conversation

Doing What’s Needed

Fun, informative community events such as Movie Night including a meal, a video  providing an overview of the issues facing the community and a facilitated dialogue around the questions the movie raised. This evening is a taste of the power of conversation circles.

March to the Polls

Get Out the Vote

Bringing the community out to connect at a gathering with a lunch catered by a new neighbor owned business. Information about same day registration, the ballot and voting process is shared. The Group marches empowered together to exercise our right to vote.

Common Undertaking for Mutual Benefit

Roseland Farm Community Garden

Roseland Farms is the oldest Habitat for Humanity neighborhood in Moore County with 85 homes and 250 people. Habitat has agreed to make 4 lots available to the community. Organizing a Community Garden is the first step toward the goal of a profitable urban farm fully utilizing the 3 acres available.

Community Festivals

West Southern Pines Civic Club
75th Anniversary Celebration Festival

Kim Wade talks with O'Linda Watkins at SCA Booth. SCA also attended Mineral Springs Improvement Council's MayFest; and Troy's 4th of July Street Festival.

Fun Heritage Connections

Oldways Foods

Sampling African Heritage dishes at Community Festivals, serving for community events, and meals for Community Conversation Circle sessions.

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