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SCA invests $300,000 into local communities

The Sandhills Cooperation Association has committed to invest $300,000 into local communities in Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Randolph, and Stanly counties. The money will be used to fund projects focused on improving the quality of life for marginalized communities.

"The Sandhills Cooperation Association is committed to investing in our local communities and empowering those with limited resources," said SCA Executive Director Sherri Allgood. "We believe that we can create a more vibrant community where individuals and families can thrive."

The SCA was established in 2015 to strengthen economic, civic, and cultural connections throughout the region. The association has core team members in Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Randolph, and Stanly counties who is responsible for developing and implementing community-focused projects in their commuities. All of their projects are selected based on the input and needs of the community. Projects range from youth summer programs, community beautification and development, financial literacy, cooking courses, food cooperatives, farming, and mushroom coops.

"We provided seed money to allow core team members the opportunity to develop and implement their own projects," said Allgood. "It's an opportunity for communities to identify what they need to make our region a better place."

For more information on the Sandhills Cooperation Association and their community-building projects, please visit: or contact Sherri Allgood at

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