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"Rolanda's Cooking with SOUL": A Fun and Interactive Way to Learn about Cooking

Asheboro, NC | June 13, 2022

Sandhills Cooperation Association has partnered with Asheboro's Boys and Girls Club to offer a fun and interactive way for participants to learn about cooking. The Rolanda’s Cooking with SOUL program, taught by SCA's Core Team Rolanda Austin teaches youth 6 -11 years old the simple no-bake aspects of cooking. Students learn an abundance of skills from kitchen etiquette to gardening and canning. These lessons are done in 8 weeks, 16 sessions.

The program is designed to help young people learn about the importance of food preparation, social etiquette, and kitchen safety. The students get to taste the delicious results of their own cooking! They will also take home recipes and menus to try out on their own.

The Rolanda’s Cooking with SOUL program is a great way for kids to learn about healthy eating and cooking. The program provides participants with the skills they need to lead healthy and active lifestyles. For more information, please contact the Sandhills Cooperation Association.

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