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SCA's Community Conversation Circles: Giving Marginalized Communities A Voice

June 23, 2022 | Community Conversations

It’s easy to think that we’ve come a long way in terms of race relations in America. After all, Barack Obama was elected president twice, and today there are more people of color in the U.S. Congress than ever before. But if you scratch the surface, it’s clear that we still have a ways to go. In fact, some would say that America is more racially divided now than ever before. One big reason for this is the way we talk about race. We often discuss it in terms of stereotypes, which only serves to reinforce our divisions.

When we talk about race, we often do so in terms of stereotypes. We might say that someone is “articulate” or “street smart.” We might talk about how “lazy” or “aggressive” certain groups of people are. These stereotypes are not only hurtful, but they’re also inaccurate. They serve to reinforce the idea that race is a biological reality, when in fact it’s a social construct. They also perpetuate the false notion that there are inherent differences between racial groups.

It’s time for a new way of talking about race in America. We need to move beyond stereotypes and focus on the real issues facing marginalized communities. This means having honest conversations about race and racism, and it means taking action to address the inequities that still exist in our society.

When we talk about race, we should do so in a way that acknowledges the reality of racism. We should talk about the ways that racism manifests itself in our institutions, our policies, and our everyday lives. We should also talk about how racism is experienced by people of color. And we should talk about what we can do to dismantle racist structures and create a more just society.

Racism is a reality in America. It’s time for us to acknowledge it and take action to address it. We can start by having honest conversations about race, and by moving beyond stereotypes. Only then can we begin to create a more just and equitable society for all.

Sandhills Cooperation Association's Community Conversation Circles are a perfect way to have these critical conversations. Community Conversation Circles are intended to help African Americans recognize and move beyond the very limiting negative self-images of learned helplessness that result from hundreds of years of the stereotyping of systemic racism. The circles are intimate groups of 10 to 15 built on mutual trust and respect, creating space for individuals to find their true inherent value and the myth of all the self-images that have been perceived as an impediment. Participants attend 8 weekly sessions and are awarded a certificate of completion as well as a stipend.

When the participants of the Community Conversation Circles have successfully

completed the course, they will be asked to engage in one or more of the

following pathways. These pathways are designed to assist them in using the

knowledge they gained from the 8-circle series to best live out their life’s

purpose. These pathways which include entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and community and personal wealth were chosen by SCA because we believe they represent the most impactful way to help individuals and communities to overcome and

achieve in ways that will both personally and collectively create profitably


By participating in a Community Conversation Circle, you can help fight racism by raising awareness and understanding the issue from multiple perspectives. If you're interested in hosting a circle in your community, contact the Sandhills Cooperation Association today! Email or call 910-573-3070.

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